Live Streaming Final LSNC 2015 [Event Lost Saga}

Gemscool Arena will bear witness to the birth of the champion Lost Saga National Championsip (LSNC) 2015, Sunday, November 23, 2015. On this fourth LSNC titles, 24 teams, which won regional and represents 20 cities as well as one team champion LSNC ladies, ready to fight all-out for the most prestigious title for the Heroes (the term for the player Lost Saga Indonesia).

As a side note, Bandung will be represented by two teams, while Jakarta was represented by 4 teams. Why, because it's so high view Gemscool animo participants from both the city and in two cities that is a gathering place of his whiz-whiz Lost Saga, which has been proven on many occasions.

The following is a list of the 24 Grand Finalists LSNC 2015:

A special thing is: The Live Streaming Final LSNC 2015 this Team Lost Saga Indonesia will be looking for a team to represent Indonesia in the Lost Saga World Championship (LSWC) 2015, that his plan will be held in South Korea. Because Indonesia has the right to put its two representatives in the 2015 LSWC, then the two teams finalist or worked out as champions of the first and second at LSNC 2015, automatically will represent Indonesia in the terakbar for the game Lost Saga that.

In addition all participants must coveted prizes provided that:


The TOTAL PRIZE to £ 50,000,000
(USD 40.000.000,-for Team + $ 1,000 for Internet Cafe Owner)

Champion II

TOTAL PRIZE £ 25,000,000
(USD 20,000,000 for Team + $ 500 for Internet Cafe Owner)

The Champion III

The TOTAL PRIZE to £ 10,000,000
(Rp 8.000.000 for Team + Rp 2.000.000 for the Cafe Owner)

As a form of apreasiasi to the owner of the cafe where the play as well as sharpening the ability to play the user Lost Saga, then Gemscool initiative to give gifts for owners of the cafe. In addition, as a partner of the company publishing the indirect game, it's only natural the owners of the Cafe which has an important role for the development of a game get a reward, because his efforts were often forgotten and not exposed.

Next Gemscool also provides a direct gift and also a door prize for you guys that is present directly at Gemscool Arena on Sunday (23/11).

Direct gifts of items in game, Medal Visitor Live Streaming LSNC 2015 and Pemanent Gear Chest will be given for you guys coming to Gemscool Arena. Not only that, there will be 12 rare items + 3 permanent will be distributed in the form of a lucky draw. As for the Door Prize gifts will be no gaming cool gear from sponsors this event supporters who are ready to be shared. He's the rare permanent items + 3 that:

How to follow this event easy. Please check the details below:

Well, for those of you who didn't get to attend in Sunday's Arena Gemscool later, don't worry, Gemscool will deliver fun parties in the grand final of the 2015 LSNC directly via live streaming so that you don't miss any of the party. Wait a minute, does just that. There will be a "Surprise Event", for those of you who are watching a live broadcast via live streaming. So, don't forget to continue to watch the grand final LSNC 2014 via live streaming and follow all of its event.

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