Gemscool Black Squad Online

Gemscool Black Squad Online is an ambitious FPS game developed by NS Studio, one of the studios branch of Neowiz Games. Said to be ambitious, because this game requires a development time of more than three years with the development cost of US $ 20 million! Reportedly, many publishers are interested in bringing this game to Indonesia. But finally, Neowiz took Kreon as a partner because of the track record is considered successful Kreon makes FPS Point Blank as the number one in Indonesia.

Launching in Indonesia is also special, because Indonesia was the first country in the world to launch this game after Neowiz's opening service game in his home country, South Korea. In addition to a track record of bringing FPS Point Blank become number one in Indonesia, Kreon been also already prepared a plan of e-Sport tournament in Indonesia for the Black Squad Online, improve and enlarge the scale of Online Competition and Clan System that had not been felt in other FPS games in Indonesia.

Gemscool Black Squad

Black Squad Online is developed using Unreal Engine 3 that has a next-gen quality graphics and sound that is so real that makes gamers feel is in the midst of war is real. Weapons in the game is designed so that 100% the same as the original weapon. In addition, players can also create Custom Clan Mark and systems Online Clan Tournament in the game, a feature not previously owned by Point Blank. Game modes offered will also be familiar to fans of FPS, and there will also be a unique exclusive game mode. This, makes Black Squad Online will compete to win the hearts of fans of FPS in Indonesia.

"Indonesia is one country that has a user-friendly FPS superb not only in Asia but all over the world," wrote Kreon in a statement. "When selecting a new FPS for Indonesia, the two most important factors for us is' Are the Games could provide a good gaming experience for the user-friendly FPS Indonesia, which incidentally has a high level among users FPS other countries', and another one is' how much The game developers can provide full support for Indonesia and Indonesia how important market for them '. Black Squad Online is a game that is right with these two conditions, and we believe the Black Squad Online can be a new generation FPS million people in Indonesia, "continued the statement.

For those of you who are interested in playing, consider first the PC specifications required for BlackSquad:

Minimum Requirements:
Intel E2200 Dual Core Processor 2.2GHz
VGA GeForce GT 210
Windows XP
DirectX 9.0c
Recommended Requirements:
Intel E6600 Core 2 Two 2.4GHz
VGA GeForce GT 220 or higher
Windows 7
DirectX 9.0c or later